St. Louis Opera House Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization that will enhance educational and cultural opportunities of the St. Louis region by presenting world class performances. These performances will include Broadway shows and other like-caliber live theatrical, dance and musical performances.

In addition to bringing high quality live performances to St. Louis, the Organization’s charitable activities will include educational programs, such as classes presented to school groups in conjunction with performances. The classes will cover such topics as special effects, costumes, set design, acting and other aspects of theatrical productions, as well as themes related to the specific productions. Through these programs, the Organization will build appreciation for the performing arts in the community, and promote excellence in musical theatre and other performing arts.

To enhance the public’s access to the productions and to promote diversity in its audiences, the foundation will donate tickets to other charitable organizations in the community. The foundation will also engage in joint outreach projects to support the activities of other arts organizations in the community.